Traveller and ADVENTURE lover – your time has come. Stop simply moving yourself from Point A to Point B; it’s time to pack your rucksack and start enjoying the journey! What better way to do it than by charting a path less travelled and discovering the world on the back of your trusted companion: the new Aventura 500. A motorcycle built for true long-distance exploration, the Aventura will carry you up to 1,000 km without refuelling, thanks to its two independent and selectable tanks. Stop making simple trips and instead forge your own path and savoir unforgettable experiences!

Designed to free you from the mundane, this new 500cc ADV bike, suitable for the A2 and with 47 horsepower, lands on the market well-equipped with great standard equipment and versatility engraved in its DNA. Aventura is a model that takes riding to another level, offering a perfect balance between comfort and sportiness, for both standing and sitting riding positions, on both asphalt roads and off-road terrain.

€ 9.499,-

(incl. BTW & onvermijdbare kosten)